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The still, small voice

I am a hugeee foodie! Me and my husband, Connor, love food so much! We eat pretty healthily through the week, but all week we talk about what we’re going to have on Saturday...

Saturday is the day we either get a take away, or make something extravagant! A day for carbs and calories and anything greasy! To some, that might sound disgusting, but to us, we look forward to it every week! Whether it’s a kebab, or pizza, fish and chips or cookie dough... We just can’t wait for Saturdays!

This one time a few years ago, I was invited to a birthday dinner at the poshest restaurant I’d ever been to. I walked in and it was so fancy! I sat down and a waiter put a napkin on my lap. I opened the menu and I couldn’t read it because it was in another language.

Eventually I chose something and I was so hungry by this point. The time passed by and finally I saw the waiter bringing food to our table. He put down by plate in front of me, and...

It was the tiniest meal I’d ever been given in my life! I looked at it and thought “I could eat that in 2 bites!!” I was so disappointed, not only because I was hungry, but also because this was the most expensive meal I’d ever bought and I expected it to be at least 10 times the size.

However, the moment I took my first bite, my disappointment turned to amazement!

It was the nicest thing I’d ever ate! There wasn’t much of it, but oh it was good!!

I’ve been reading 1 Kings in my time with God recently, and a few days ago I read about Elijah.

Elijah was a prophet called to do God’s work. In doing God’s work, a King at that time, Ahab, was on the look out for Elijah to try and kill him, so God told Elijah to hide.

In this isolated space where Elijah was hiding there was nothing but a little brook. That’s where he could get his water... but how was he going to survive in hiding without food?

That’s where the ravens come in.

In 1 Kings 17 we read about this story, where God commands ravens to supply Elijah with food. Every morning they brought him meat and every evening they brought him bread. Now it’s safe to safe Elijah’s meals weren’t fancy, expensive dishes that would have stuffed him to the brim... no... his meals came to him little but often, preserving him and giving him energy to keep going and to fulfil the work God had called him to do.

So often we pray to God “speak to me God,” and like me and Connor on a Saturday with our big meals, we expect God to speak to us in big extravagant ways.

But often God reveals himself to us piece by piece, little and often.

Also, in that same book but in chapter 19 God reveals himself to Elijah... God sends powerful winds, mighty earthquakes and roaring fires... but God wasn’t in the wind, earthquakes or fire... God was in a still small whisper.

See, we often say God doesn’t speak to us, because we, like Elijah did look for God in big, dramatic manifestations, but the truth is, He speaks to us in a still, small voice... we just don’t sit still long enough to hear a whisper.

So don’t be disappointed when the plate gets put in front of you and you hear God in a small way, because that small whisper can be life changing.

So that’s my challenge this week for you and me... spend time in the quiet place long enough to hear His still, small voice that is more satisfying than anything else you will ever experience. It’s even better than my Saturday night kebab!!

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