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Givt – Digital Giving Made Easy

Available now, we are pleased to introduce Givt, an additional means of giving financially to the ministry of HT. It is designed primarily for those in the HT family who normally give by cash or cheque and for visitors to our church services (real and virtual) and to our website.

All you will need is a Smartphone.


Please follow these simple steps to make your gift…

1. Download the Givt app from the App Store or Google Play


(After downloading you can directly enter your email address and start giving. You can complete your registration at a later time if you choose.)

2. Type in the amount you want to give, including pence (e.g. £20.00)

3. Select “List” option

4. Type in search box “Holy Trinity”

5. Select “Holy Trinity Weston-super-Mare” from displayed list

6. Press “Give”

7. Review confirmation screen checking it shows the correct amount and recipient

8. If ok, press “Next”. If incorrect, press “Cancel”

9. Press “Close” and exit App

  • How safe is giving through Givt?
    It is very important to us that everything is safe and risk free. Each user has a personal account with its own password. You need to login to view or change your settings. The transactions are handled by a company specialised in processing direct debit mandates and registered with the Financial Conduct Authority. When installing Givt, the user gives the app authorisation to debit their account. We want to emphasise that no transactions take place at the time you make your gift. The transactions take place afterwards via direct debit with the safeguards available through the Direct Debit Guarantee offered by all banks and building societies.
  • How is my anonymity guaranteed by Givt?
    Givt ensures that the receiving party will never be able to see who has given the donation and that you, as a user, can give anonymously with Givt. Only the total amounts will be shared with the receiving party. Data from you as a user will never be resold to third parties, it is only used to make it easier for you to give and to be involved in the charities in a way that you prefer.
  • Is my phone suitable to use Givt?
    The app works if your phone meets the following system version: – iOS: from version 7 (from iPhone 4S) – Android: from version 4.4
  • What happens if I have no internet connection?
    If you don’t have an internet connection when making your donation, the donation will be sent when you re-open the app once an internet connection is established.
  • Can I Gift Aid my gift?
    Yes. This is done within the registration process.
  • How does registration work?
    To use Givt, you must register in the Givt app. Go to your app menu and choose ‘Finish registration’. You set up a Givt account, fill in some personal details and give permission to collect the donations made with the app using a Direct Debit mandate. The transactions are handled by a company registered with the Financial Conduct Authority. When your registration is complete, you are ready to give. You only need your login details to see or change your settings.
  • Where can I see an overview of my donations?
    Press the menu at the top left of the ‘Amount’ screen to access your app menu. To get access you have to login using your e-mail address and password or passcode. Choose ‘Donations’ to find an overview of your recent activity. This list consists of the name of the recipient, time, and date. The coloured line indicates the status of the donation: In process, processed, refused by bank, or cancelled by user.
  • Can I cancel a donation?
    During the first 15 minutes after the donation was done in the app, it is possible to cancel the donation. Simply go to the donation overview and swipe to the left the donation you want to cancel. Cancelling is free of charge when doing it this way. Note: You can only cancel your donation if you have completed your registration in the Givt app.
  • How secure is my personal information?
    Givt fully complies with the GDPR requirements. GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation. Wondering what this means for you? It means that we handle your information with care, that you have the right to know which information we keep on record, have the right to change this information, have the right to demand from us that we do not store your information, and that you may know why we need your personal information.
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