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Why HT equip programme?

Holy Trinity Church is an Elim Pentecostal Church with a passion for serving God and the local community. Our vision is firmly rooted in making disciples who will make an impact in their sphere of influence. We are missional both in the locality of Weston and overseas with many activities and programmes for all ages.

Our intern programme is designed for people who are willing to give a year of their life to be challenged, stretched and to explore all that God has for them.

Core elements of the equip programme


With the workings of the church, the ‘behind the scenes’, with certain key meetings and conversations, with the leaders of the church and many other aspects of church life.


In your primary area of interest and passion – in other areas of church life and community – in dealing with the challenges of leading church in today’s climate and culture.


Input in weekly staff gatherings. Monthly training development through HT’s leadership academy by experienced teachers and communicators. (potential partnering with Bible college for more in-depth teaching modules/through Elim training).


To grow as a person – to grow in your character and relationship with God – to grow in your understanding of how church operates – to grow in your understanding of how you fit into God’s Kingdom and how you are equipped to what He has for your future.

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