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REACH: Do what you're already doing in life and make it Jesus centred!

What’s the big idea?
Life is made up of the stuff we do, some of it stuff we like, some of it stuff we don’t!
What underpins the quality of life is conversation, connection, friendship, family and faith!


Our Facebook page has all the details of things happening over the next couple of the link below to be taken there!


Enjoy varied atmospheres, tensions, laughter, scrips and enter the world where anything can happen.

Music Concerts

A variety of genres, lets just get together and enjoy!

Family Films

Does what it says on the tin!

Sports Events

Football matches, rugby, athletics etc... If you're passionate about it and want others to join you in the stands then let us know. We can help you get a group together.

Day Trips

A variety of Day trips, let us know what you are interested in and we will do our best to help arrange something.


Drive it race it, polish it! For those who love anything to do with cars.

For the starter to the seasoned player.

See nature, be in nature, enjoy nature, its Gods gift. Several groups that cover different terrains and length of hikes, from family friendly to gravel tracks to off road hikes. There is something for everyone.

Road Biking
Set out and see the beauty of nature whilst keeping fit. A variety of lengths of bike rides to suit all abilities.  

Mountain Biking
Adrenaline! Fear! and fun! Come for a ride and experience like minded people.

Arts and Crafts
Enjoy varied learning workshop where arts and craft come alive.

The world is shaped by thinking, if you want to be an influencer then this is the place for you. Come read, come discuss, come and challenge your thoughts.

Escape into the world of the imagination, learn about cultures, history and society. Saver prose and the written word. For those who want to read a decent secular and Christian book that develop their view of the world around them. 

Suitable for any ability, develop your skills through a variety of creative briefs and meet friends with a similar passion

An opportunity to dine together and meet others in a variety of restaurants designed to suit a variety of pockets and a variety of tastes.

Food Fayre
Arouse the senses and enjoy the atmospheres of food fairs. 
Come, meet and purchase foods from a diverse range of makers and sellers 

Dine In Gourmet 
Experience an intimate environment where friends cook for each other in their own homes. Talk and share life, space and a place to feed the soul and the body.

REACH: Do what you're already doing in life and make it Jesus centred!

Our aim in this;

Short term is quite simply; let’s get together and have some fun!
 Do what we love doing already in life and make it Jesus centred! Quite simply God has made us all unique, he has given us passions and interests, he wants to see us enjoying ourselves, living life out doing what were made to do best. So, I want to have lots and lots of different opportunities for us simply come together to develop and meet new friends who are like minded in the community of HT. To re-establish old friendships and create some new ones.

If you have something that you love to do and want to share it with others then please contact me and we can do something about it … we’ve made a head start with the interest groups/events that you will find popping up, but I know there is many more ideas to have.

Middle term aims – conversation

Training – Faith conversations unravelled!
 Training sessions that I will be providing using ‘Elims’ resources and ‘Share Jesus International’ resources. This will be great normal advise about how to use emotional intelligence, events in your life, events and seasons in your friends life to simply share just enough about Jesus to encourage friends to start a journey of exploring thoughts around what Jesus thinks about them and still stay friends! How to learn when to talk, and when to shut up, how to see opportunities and have the courage to take them, how to come along side, how to simply just be a friend and trust God to do his thing in his timing.


This training will teach you how to understand your own personality type and find God way for you to excel at illuminating him to the people in your life.


Sharing faith is all about understanding that some people journey through a ‘big yes, some a small yes and some a heathy maybe, by engaging with this approach we educate ourselves to discover that there is a process by which people come to faith showing them a one size fits all approach is not really that effective’ (Mark Greenwood – ELIMS National Evangelist)

interest/Friendship groups

Growth of all the short term event/clubs/interests developing into individual one off or regular events, overseen by members of Holy Trinity , groups multiply, duplicate and take on personality. These will become environments where people feel they can invite none churched friends to, places where they know their friends will feel at ease with the people
they are introduced to.


Places where like-minded people gather always gives a sense of welcome, focus and easy conversation, and it’s in this situation where conversations and friendships are developed. Do what you love doing already in life and make it Jesus centred! Sharing faith needn’t be irksome or take up even more time than what we have, it's not about sitting in a building or giving a monologue, sharing faith Jesus’s way sits right in the middle of our everyday moment’s.

long term aims:
 As well as having in house training, we wanted to connect with ELIM’S REACH global. Giving you access to a whole bunch of resources, that are varied, thought through and of high professional quality. They are excellent for a ‘little yes’ ( investigation) and a ‘healthy, maybe’ (perception changing) performers and testimonies. We hope to create unique and individual events that fit with the personalities and interest groups/ friendships that we are building. Bring friends, family, colleagues neighbours, one step on in their thinking journey around faith.

For more information on this please go to and look at the ELIM REACH page - click here

I hope that helps explains the new REACH Department for you!

I look forward to connecting with you - click the link below to contact me if you'd like any more information.

Dawn Garge

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