Who Cares?

Does God really care for us? I mean, really?

I have been listening to an album recently which has really brought a sense of focus and priority to me in a refreshing way. One song - entitled Jireh - is all about trusting God no matter what.

Jehovah-Jireh literally means, 'the Lord will provide'.

When I look back at how God has provided for me and my family over the years, I get the distinct feeling that God stays true to His word. He is a God that cares and wants the best for us. But what is the best for us?

Take a few moments with your coffee and read Matthew 6:25-34, I'll just wait here until you're done...




In my version, this scripture is entitled 'Don't be anxious' and Jesus gives this beautiful description of God's care and attention to detail of the world - how He puts wonder all over and provides for nature - so much so that the world just gets on with it.

This is a God that cares. And if He does it at that level for those things, He goes further for us. What a promise! And all this from the mouth of Jesus who understood and knew (cos He was kinda close to His heavenly Father...).

Now, is that enough for me and you to crack on with our calling to make disciples and be salt and light wherever we find ourselves? Is what God promises really, truly enough?

Who cares? I cook my meals, I get my own drinks, I buy and choose what to wear (sometimes not very well). God doesn't. God doesn't come to Asda to help choose my meals, or come with me to choose my next pair of jeans. Who cares, honestly?

Well, that's not the point. What Jesus is saying through this is that the care and attention God gives to us will be enough for us to live as disciples, that the excess of heaven far outweighs the excess of the world. When God provides, it is because ultimately it will have a profound effect not only on your 'newness', but for His kingdom.

Listen to what Jesus says in verse 33,

But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.

If we are straight up with ourselves, we are always anxious. Think about it - to get your next meal, you have to work to earn money to provide. To get new clothes, it works the same. However, the excess of the world has a phenomenally higher impact on us than anything else.

One thing I need to learn and put into practice is that I don't need more than I need...if that makes sense.

I have such a privilege to do what I do, and God has provided for me, my family and beyond - but it is what we do with it which will have a profound and lasting impact on you.