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Already...but not yet

I went for a walk with my kids tonight and I was commenting to my husband how I loved the low yet golden light of an evening or a morning because of the spectacular shadows it created. When I look at the beauty of nature and long golden shadows, stretching over country fields, I always feel a connection with our heavenly Father. It reminds me how we are part of two worlds, His and ours.

As I sit here now writing this, I am chuckling to myself … you may wonder why?... well it’s as if God wanted to say to me “stop fretting Dawn over what to write and how to write it… don’t I always provide” …and just as I sat down to write this, my daughters book caught my eye. I reached out, flipped it open, (in an attempt to delay thinking through my blog!) and well, blow me down … God always has the last laugh!

I found the very verse beautifully explained what was stirring in my heart on that earlier walk, yet in my frustration I felt as if I couldn’t articulate it to you well enough.

So, thank you to Tim Kellor for writing the book ‘Thoughts to make your heart sing!’ and thank you God for never ever letting me down!

The thought is titled ‘Already … but not yet’

‘You see we are living between Already and Not Yet.

Jesus has ALREADY rescued us from the punishment of sin. We are forgiven and free!

But the world is still broken. We still sin. We still die. Things still aren’t the way they are meant to be.

One day – but NOT YET – Jesus is coming back again. Not as a baby but as a King of the whole world. And then He will mend his broken world. There will be no more tears, or sickness or dying. Even the trees will sing for joy!

While we wait, God wants us to remember sin, sickness, tears, death - they won’t last.

They will come to an end.

But joy, love, life and you - those are FOREVER’

The night is nearly over, the day is almost here. Romans 13 v12

Today, take courage to face the battles you are in and remember that God has already won the war! Keep your eyes fixed on Jesus and remember to have peace about your future, for it is all in His hands. We are His children and He is the greatest father, comforter, and warrior of all. What a mighty God. What a privilege to know that he chose us to be His.

Have a wonderful day and the best night’s sleep ever!

Rev D Garge

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