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Changing seasons, Unchanging God

I am for sure an autumn/winter person! An unpopular opinion I know, but when the nights start to get darker earlier, the temperature starts to get colder, the leaves start to turn orange... I am in my element!

My dad is ginger and I didn’t inherit his hair colour, but I did inherit the skin that comes with being a ginger... stand me outside in the sun for five minutes and I’ll be burnt to a crisp! So summer just isn’t for me. I hate being too hot and tossing and turning through the night because of the heat. But I love when you get in from work on a winters night, and it’s already dark. I love putting on cosy pyjamas and drinking hot drinks whilst watching Christmas films under a blanket!

Funny thing is, about two weeks ago it was still summer... I had on shorts and had to have every window in my house open to try and get a bit of fresh air. And then when that failed, I propped myself in front of a fan for the rest of the day. Then, just one week later, all of a sudden, it’s winter! It happened almost overnight! One day I was in shorts and the next I was digging out my hat and winter coat!

The seasons changing so quickly reminded me of how quickly things in this world can change. 2020 is probably the best example of this... think back to January. Did the thought: “hmm perhaps this year there may be a global pandemic and we’ll all be locked in our houses for a year” ever cross your mind? I’m going to guess your answer is no.

Life can be so full of uncertainties. Things in our lives can change as quickly as the seasons do.

Some examples in my life:

  • One day I left for work and by the time I’d got home my husband Connor had lost his job.

  • One day I had been an only child for 11 years, and then all of a sudden I had a sister!

  • One day I thought my life was going in a certain direction, and in a matter of hours the course of my life had changed.

And I’m sure you have similar stories - big life events or small every day events of things that change so quickly.

But I want to remind you and encourage you today that one thing does not change, and that is Jesus.

Hebrews 13:8 confirms that: “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.”

So in a world that is ever changing, we can have comfort in Jesus. He is a rock that will never move. He is a light that will never fade. He is love that will never change.

That’s why I love the bible so much. It was written thousands of years ago, yet when you read it you realise there’s nothing more relevant or applicable to your life than that book! And when I read that book, every time I discover something new about Jesus, or I have a fresh revelation of who He is and what He has done for me. And I’m finding this out in a book that is thousands of years old! Jesus really is unchanging, and what you read about Him in the bible is true today.

So when you’re in the storms of life, and everything feels unfamiliar and uncertain, I want to encourage you today to cling on to Jesus. Spend time with Him, talk to Him, read His word. For He is your anchor and though the seasons change He remains the same.

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