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Do the right thing

Today I just wanted to share with you something that I have drawn out of my daily devotional readings. I’ve recently finished reading through the first book of Samuel. I’m always fascinated by the journey that David undertook.

Here is this boy, tending sheep in a field, selected by God, amongst older brothers to become the heir to the throne. He defeats Goliath with a sling. Immediately receives national recognition and is fast tracked into the courts the king Saul. I wonder, if from this position David could see a direct route to the throne?

However, things don’t always turn out as we they think they should. Bewilderment, sorrow and anguish were the pathway to the promise David was to eventually to receive. It was in this trying time that true character of David would be tested…. (keep in mind, God had selected David because of his heart.)

I remember an occasion a few years back whilst I was working in car rental. A colleague of mine had bumped one of the cars into a pillar in the car park. Being his second incident, it meant that he would have £300 taken from his wages, to cover for the damage. He pleaded with me not to say anything. I’d witnessed the accident but now he was asking me to compromise my integrity by keeping my mouth shut! I told him he needed to report it. Thankfully as it turned out the damage done to the car was already logged on the system, meaning that his bump hadn’t caused the damage.

It does pay to be honest.

David, when faced with the opportunity to kill Saul, (the very person who was trying to take his own life) on two separate occasions chose to spare Saul’s life. He refused (even when encourage by others) to stretch out his hand and strike down the “Lords anointed”. Can we even begin to imagine the temptation, the pain and the anguish that he was under? He could have ended his trial right there and then and yet something much bigger was at stake. His integrity as God’s chosen one, was at stake. David was God’s chosen vessel because deep down David knew the right course of action to take.

Maybe in this time you are feeling squeezed by the current situation. The pressure cooker is building and the temptation is to act outside the realms of normality. Take a step back. Analyse those like David that have gone before us. Don’t let the circumstance compromise your integrity. God will present the way even if you can’t see it, just as He did for David. Just do the right thing. You will get through this. He is with you. God Bless,


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