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Fake News, False News

It was only today that I started reading an article. It claimed that 25% of all You Tube videos concerning the Corona virus contained “misleading or inaccurate information”. According to the report, such videos had been viewed over a staggering, 62 million times! The article went on to say that many of these videos contained misinformation and were “highly polished” conspiracy theory presentations.

Now this got me thinking…..Almost two thousand years ago rumours were spreading like wildfire throughout Jerusalem…..”Jesus is alive”. How could that be? Only days ago, we saw him whipped beaten and led up the hill to be crucified. People had testified that a soldier had stuck a spear into his side to ensure he was dead. Furthermore, it was well known that Joseph of Arimathea had provided a personal tomb in which his body was laid and guarded by Roman soldiers. Yet, now literally hundreds of people were reporting that Jesus had appeared to them. To some he had even shown the scars of the crucifixion.

Fake News? Were people encouraging a conspiracy of misinformation? What possibly could have been their agenda in doing so. What were the facts?

The account in four gospels describes, down beaten, down hearted, and scared men that had disappeared. After his death Jesus’s followers were afraid. Afraid that the same fate might fall upon them. They went into hiding.

But now, they were dancing and raving throughout the streets! Proclaiming to everyone that Jesus is alive! Claiming that he had overcome mankind’s greatest fear…..DEATH. How likely is it that such bewildered men would suddenly take a full about turn and start boldly proclaiming they had seen Jesus alive? What alternative motive could they have for doing so? Why were they no longer afraid?

The educated doctor and author of the book of Luke reports that three days after the burial, women that had followed Jesus, returned to the tomb with spices. They found the tomb stone rolled away. Suddenly, two figures in dazzling clothing appeared. They proclaimed that Jesus had risen!

Looking at the evidence, what is remarkable about this? The encounter with angels? A body that was absent? Or the fact that the author reported that women had found an empty tomb. Women whose report would have found little or no credibility in a dominant male ruling society. Surely if this was only a “story” more credence would have been given to men finding the body! However, Luke wasn’t concerned with presenting a “highly polished” narrative. Instead his primary focus was to present the truth. Regardless of the backlash he might receive.

“Misinformation”. “An elaborate story”. “A way to control society” “Questionable”

These are just some of the accusations over the course of time, that have been thrown at the claims of the gospel accounts. Accounts that have no misgivings that Jesus’s death and resurrection derived from supernatural origin. God raised Jesus from the dead.

It is now 2020. How is it, the account of Jesus dying on the cross, being raised from the dead and therefore holding the keys to life, has stood the test of time?

As Josh McDowell appropriately titled one his books (and well worth seeking out might I deliberately mention).

Perhaps it’s time for you to examine the “Evidence that Demands a Verdict”.


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