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God can provide

Shortly after returning from the US back in 2005 I stepped into Holy Trinity for the very first time. I remember the pastor at the time, Rich Ellerington standing up and announcing to the church that they were about to start a new ministry. They were taking a skatepark, that we now know as “Transcend” into the community as a form of outreach within the schools. It served as a wonderful God appointed moment in which God had confirmed to me right there and then, that I was in the right place….

Coincidently (????) I had recently returned from the States and had left my occupation as a professional bmx stunt rider. I had been doing shows all over the US mainly in theme parks and schools. After being injured in 2004, I came to faith. This was after what can only be described as some “supernatural experiences”. In the coming months I started to lose my peace inside regarding continuing to ride and living in the states. Everywhere I would go, people would ask me if I would ever return to the UK. It was the last thing I ever wanted to do. It meant giving up what I loved to do and a beautiful place I lived in.

Once I made the commitment to leave, I started to think about how I was going to finance myself back in England. I was about to get a flight and then the phone rang. It was good friend of mine who asked me if I wanted to go and do some shows with him at Dollywood theme park in Tennessee. It meant delaying my flight a further ten days but it was crazy good money at the time. Yet I was conscious of the feeling inside to leave there and then. I decided in my logic that doing the shows was a good thing…..I mean, who wouldn’t for $5000 dollars?! It just made logical sense.

Returning back to England I got a job working in a fish n chip shop for £5 an hour! (God, if He chooses can humble us in no time at all).

However, with a lump sum of cash in the bank I wasn’t too concerned. Unfortunately, low paid menial work was the route forward for the next couple of years. No time is in fact wasted and we can learn in all situations but I couldn’t help wonder…. If I had just got on that plane without going to do the other show? Had I side tracked my life due to a lack of faith that God would provide?….

Two years had passed. The money had whittled away.

One day I opened up an email. It was my old boss in the States claiming he had a cheque for me. It had just turned up from a state compensation fund. When I had broken my leg three years previous, performing at a theme park, there had been an insurance policy in place. I had no idea that this was coming! It was to the incredible tune of $12000!!!! Wow!. It meant I was able to buy a van and set up my gardening business. Thank you God!

A year after that another email completely out of the blue. It stated “we would like to finalise our settlement with you” for the tune of another $6000….! Now please don’t get me wrong. I’m not gloating about wealth. In fact, if I start getting phone calls from people asking to borrow a fiver I’m afraid you will be bitterly disappointed. Its all gone (it doesn’t go far after 15 years!)

The point being here is that God can provide. In ways in which you cannot imagine or even see. Faith is more precious than gold. The material things quickly fade away. But in Him we have everything we could ever need. Sometimes I need to remind myself what he has done for me. Sometimes my doubt needs replacing with faith. I know He is lacking in nothing and can provide for every need. God even gives back what he once took away…. but that’s another story.


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