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Out of Options?

Are you? …Well then, I believe you, my friend, are quite possibly in one of the best places you could ever be … so stop crying and start smiling!

I would like to draw your attention to this ... so now you’re out of options, now, you have no escape plan achievable, remember that someone else has a set of plans for you … so whilst you are waiting and praying for a miracle, keep your eyes open and this story in mind….

The apostles stood and looked. They looked at their master’s face and their it was, that glint ... that cheeky glint in his eye. Again … Jesus was about to do a miracle … so what did he do? Did he call down the angels from heaven…no? Did he bellow out to the sky prayers of persuasion? No…

Well what then did he do! Well… he spat … he what? ... yes, that’s right, he spat … right on the floor in front of everybody, then leaning down, he did the most unorthodox thing... he scooped up his spit, in his own hands and began to rub his finger, thumb and mud together.

The disciples looked rather sheepishly at the people gathering around almost apologetically I’m sure... waiting … shuffling ... wishing the moment would just happen … so they wouldn’t be quite so embarrassed…then he took his spit and rubbed it (mud and all) into a man’s eyes! Well I never! ... that’s not how a miracle is performed... that not what we expected... that doesn’t follow the protocol...but a miracle it was and sight was restored.

And once again the mundane had been used to illustrate and be part of God promise, of his favour. Why this way? Why use the mud? … and I think to myself… perhaps it’s just because he could , because the mud wasn’t going to ask any questions, demand any ritual, because the mud was available….happy to accept that it was just going to be used to be part of the solution. It didn’t need to be centre stage. It was happy with its ordinariness just as mud. The only thing that the mud had to be, to be used, was be itself.

Sometimes God chooses to use miraculous things to perform miracles but mostly He uses whatever is available or should I say whoever is available to be what He needs in that moment.

So, when you are looking and seeking for an answer to prayer or waiting for a miracle to show up, don’t forget to look in the ordinary!

P.S and don’t forget to be that mud as well!!!

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