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Spending Time With God

For those of you who don’t know, I run a faith based page on social media where I share my thoughts, bible notes, and things like that.

It’s become part of my every day life now and my favourite part about it is getting to interact with people from all over the world to talk about Jesus, life, and how to make Jesus a part of every day life.

I get asked so many questions, but I think I’m number 1 most asked question from people is this: “How do you stay motivated to spend time with God every day?”

And I try to be as honest as I can with people. The truth is... I don’t.

Don’t get me wrong, there are days where I jump out of bed at 6am with a spring in my step. I bounce downstairs, raring to go, bible at the ready, anticipating to hear from God and to spend time in His presence.

But it’s not like that every day. There are some days I want to throw my phone across the room when my alarm goes off. I feel like I’ve had approximately 4 minutes sleep. The last thing I want to do at that time is get out of my cosy bed and go and read my bible. And that’s the honest truth.

However, I do it anyway. Because my relationship with Jesus isn’t solely based on feelings. I don’t just meet with Him on the good days or the days when I “feel like it.” And this blog isn’t to say “ooh look at me and how holy I am!” Nor is it to condemn anyone reading who isn’t consistent in spending time with the Lord. The purpose of this blog is to remind you that we all have days when we don’t feel like reading our bibles, but the important thing is to push through and read it anyway because we know that’s what’s best for us.

For example, I don’t particular enjoy eating vegetables... I’d much rather eat chocolate all day every day. But would that be good for my body? Of course not! In the same way, neglecting our soul of spiritual food is going to make us spiritually unhealthy.

Also, I know people have busy lives. Many people have demanding jobs or hyper children, so it’s important to note that you don’t have to sit down and read your bible for 4 hours in the morning in order to spend time with God every day. God can meet you in a multitude of ways! Let’s name a few; maybe you can find 5 minutes in the morning to read the verse of the day on the bible app? Maybe you can spend time with God in prayer on the way back from the school run? Maybe you can listen to the bible on your headphones when you’re out on a run? God can meet you anytime, anywhere, no matter how busy or unmotivated we are. We just have to shift around our perspective and priorities and make time for Him every day.

We can also read in the bible countless times about Jesus going away to spend time with God. I always think if Jesus needed to do that, how much more do we need to do that?

One more thing, every time I spend time with God when I “don’t feel like it,” I always leave that time feeling refreshed and revived, because that’s what spending time with God does! Being in His presence is a joy and a privilege. It’s just about making that a daily thing in our lives so we can get to know Him more and deepens our relationship with Him.

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