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What to do with all this time?

They say that time is the most precious thing anyone of us can have. Its hard to disagree with that statement. From businessman, to mothers looking after children, time is just such a precious commodity. What we do with our time really does matter. During this lockdown I openly admit there has been times when I haven’t made the most of it. This can also apply to my relationship with God. Now that I have the time…. how come I’m still struggling to spend time connecting with Him?

Its definitely true that there have been seasons when my walk with God has not been as close as perhaps I would have desired. Just recently whilst I was travelling, I had beforehand, planned to arise at 6:00am every morning. Get out my Bible, listen to what God had to say and spend and hour in concentrated prayer…..Did that happen? I’ll let you be the judge!

It’s easy to take on a sense of guilt for not practising the spiritual disciplines. I’m reminded of the struggle Paul had as he wrestled with knowing what he ought to do but due to his fleshly desires he did the opposite. Some of us are naturally drawn to prayer whilst others struggle. Some of us find it easy to pick up the Bible, where others hate the thought of reading. Some of us love peace and quite whilst others love to scream and shout.

It’s not a mistake that we have all been made so different but does that suffice for an excuse? So the challenge that is before us is to find the practices and rhythms for connecting with God, that work for us. That’s the beauty of who God made us. Unique, individual and with a purpose for glorifying Him. You are not abnormal just because you don’t spend every given moment with your hands in the air!

Caution though! I’m not saying that being individual is an excuse for not developing your relationship with Him. For instance, we know that by absorbing his words and spending time meditating upon them is just one way in which we should connect with Him.

I think there is a deeper issue. Even with all the spare time in the world we’re still not connected as perhaps we should be. No longer is time a reasonable excuse.

But its ok, we’ve all been there! Just recognising that you are at a point where you need to do something about it, is good. It means that your heart is desiring more. You’re not satisfied! You know you need to do something about it!

Let me give you some pointers and perhaps one practice I’ve found that has helped me. Its something that you could do today.

If you struggle with sitting in a room and praying in solitude why not get out and go for a walk. Ask God to reveal himself and to speak to you through his creation. However, I don’t mean asking the plants or animals to talk to you!!!!

In Romans 1:20 it says “For his invisible attributes, namely his eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly perceived, ever since the creation of the world in the things that have been made”.

Isn’t it funny in the scriptures, how many times we learn that Jesus withdrew himself from the crowd and went to the mountain to pray. I’m sure there were times as he was walking to and from the hill tops he was enjoying his surroundings. He took comfort in the enormity of the mountains in knowing that his Father had created them. He looked over the plains into the distance and received a sense of the vastness of his Father’s love for Him. He maybe even noticed a tiny ant making its way across a pathway and was reminded of how His Father was concerned with every detail in our lives.

When I’m not feeling as connected as I should be, just as simple a movement as taking the first step in God’s creation can put me back on the right path. As I connect with Him, I begin to find joy. From that joy begins a sense of wanting a greater amount of joy. This longing for more suddenly turns “disciplines” such as reading my Bible, into a longing. Its no longer a burden to connect with God. If your heart truly desires this, then you can find a way even in the busiest of lives. You will begin to make time in your life for that which gives you the greatest sense of joy. That’s a good thing.

Be kind to yourself, don’t beat yourself up. Just try and take the first steps and find your way to connect with Him.


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