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Joy is on the way

Well life as we know it is so different for so many of us. We have all expanded in experiences, good and bad, over the last couple of weeks and had ourselves stretched and shaped in many ways.

I have felt a dozen different emotions throughout the course of an hour, let alone a day! My world, yes, like yours, has been touched by the Corona virus, but it hasn’t been devastated by it, like many. I have felt fear, anger, frustration, empathy, compassion, hope, all in various degrees throughout each moment of a day.

The one thing that I have felt throughout is a sense of emptiness, in that ‘I am not enough’. I cannot be enough; I should be better at this. Why am I not shining out and fixing the world like Jesus tells me too? Yes, I’m doing my little bit with what I have but why doesn’t it feel like it’s enough?. Anyone else feel the same way ? “What’s going on here God?”

Sometimes ‘not enough is good enough’! (you’ll find out why later!)

There are lots of ‘not enough’ triggers in all of us. Each personality type has them and in crisis moments they come out!

And it’s not an emotion that we good perfect Christian’s want to see in ourselves. We feel shame and frustration at ourselves, asking ourselves, “Why haven’t I got to grips with this one yet Lord?”

In the Bible we see a great example of where Jesus teaches:

You see at this rather posh wedding (Jesus was a guest), they had done a terrible thing… and oh… the shame it was going to cause the family .... they were about to run out of wine … what are we going to do … don’t tell the guests! They’re ‘enough ‘simply was not ‘good enough’! Major cultural shame about to happen! Fortunately, Mary, Jesus’ mother, knew what to do when things ran out. She went straight to the source of fulness, the source of ‘more please’, the supplier of all things ... she told her son!

Now Jesus turned the hosts potential shame into joy; He saved the day and turned ordinary water, boring, normal everyday old water (that’s us), into something special. He turned it into wine for the guests to drink. He brought joy back to the hosts; He created a shameless atmosphere at that wedding could say, in modern terms, He saved their bacon!

What do we learn today? That we may feel like we have run out; we may feel that we are not enough; we may feel that we are just ordinary. We many feel that we have nothing special to give in moments where we have to take on so many new roles and live in uncharted water, but with Jesus ‘not enough is enough‘….it is ok. Empty is just a pre curser for a place where His miracle can happen, where He fills you up. A place where He turns ordinary events and the small tiny things that you do into eternal differences. If you offer the little you have, then it will be made enough through God.

So, hold on when all feels ‘more than enough’ because joy is on the way! Heaven knows the celebration!


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