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When I was growing up, I was terrified of dogs. Small yappy ones, large fearsome ones, ones so ugly they could make a child cry and those so mixed that it was impossible to tell what breed they were. It didn’t matter what type, if it wagged its tail and had four legs then I would tremble the minute it approached. It would make going out for a walk to the park difficult, it would make a visit to the seafront impossible. This deep sense of fear would come over me and I would run, take cover and hide.

Until I was three, I had difficulty talking. I struggled to string sentences together and words were jumbled and didn’t make sense. I would get frustrated at not making others understand me and would often have a meltdown. It was decided that if I started pre-school it would help my confidence, speech development and ability to socialize with other children. So, my time at nursery began. I soon settled into the routine and made friends. (Several of whom are still good friends to date.) Most days we would walk to nursery with my sister in a pushchair and me wheeling my scooter alongside mum. One particular day, mum had to go somewhere after she had taken me to nursery and so she decided to take the car to save time. She pulled up on the opposite side of the road and took me safely across the road and told me to wait while she got my sister from the car. I stood waiting and watching as mum lifted the baby seat out.

Suddenly, and without warning, a large dog came bounding out from the park next to the nursery and was running straight towards me. I heard its excited bark and panicked. In that split second, I bolted across the road towards mum so that I could reach safety. Unbeknown to me, mum had seen a car driving up the hill, at speed, and she knew something terrible was about to happen. She didn’t have time to put the baby seat down so screamed my name. Several parents stopped, looked and watched helplessly as a dark-haired little boy ran into the path of an oncoming car.

That day, the Lord sent His angels to guard me. What could have been a nasty accident became a testimony. I fully believe that at that moment, the Lord stopped the car. The speed at which it was travelling was such, that it would have hit me. It didn’t. It stopped. I made it to the other side of the road and to the safety of my mum without a scratch. The car continued on its journey and I will never know who the driver was or how they saw me in time to stop. What I do know is that my God saw me. He sent His angels to protect and rescue me. This was my first experience with how God watches over His children.

Psalm 91 v 2 (International Children’s Bible version) says “I will say to the Lord, you are my place of safety, and protection.” Verse 11-12 continues; “He has put His angels in charge of you. They will watch over you, wherever you go. They will catch you with their hands.” I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that I was caught that day, as I ran across the road.

He who made the Heavens and the Earth, continues to watch over our going in and coming out. Our time when we struggle and the time when we celebrate. Call to Him. He will answer (Ps91 v 15), place your faith in the one who is able to save.

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