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Safe in His arms

I grew up as an only child for the first 11 years of my life. I remember everyone else in my class having brothers and sisters to play with and I wanted one so bad!

I remember literally begging my mum for a sister. I’d always loved dolls and babies and there was nothing more I wanted than a baby sister of my own.

Then one day, I remember my mum bringing me into her room and showing me a stick with some pink lines on it. And that was it. I was finally given the title of “big sister.”

It was a long 9 months because I was so excited, but the day eventually arrived and my sister entered my world.

My mum was allowed out of the hospital pretty much straight away and we took Kate home for the first time. I remember my mum taking her out of the car seat, bringing her into the house and then putting her into her Moses basket in the living room. My mum then went into the kitchen next door to make a cup of coffee. She’d only been gone for a couple of minutes, but I heard her scream when she walked back into the living room and over to the Moses basket...

“Where’s the baby?!” I heard her scream.

She had a few moments of panic until she ran upstairs into my room and found 11 year old me and 11 hour old Kate on my bed with her in my arms.

Despite my mums relief, I still got into trouble... Apparently I had to let her know when I was taking the baby upstairs to play!

But I was obsessed with her! I’d never felt a love or a bond like that before. When my mum was panicking, all was well. My sister was safe in my arms and loved like she’d never been loved before. I still love her just as much now, if not more, despite the fact that 14 years later she’s taller than me and doesn’t let me forget it!

The world is in a strange state just now. People are panicking. The uncertainty is scary. But if you know Jesus today you have a choice. A choice to either join in with the rest of the world and panic too, or choose to be with Jesus, safe in his arms, experiencing love and peace like never before.

Now, remember, being a Christian doesn’t mean you’ll have a problem free life. If only!! No, the bible literally says in John 16:33 “...In this world you will have trouble...”

But fortunately the verse doesn’t end there...the rest of the verse says this:

“...But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

That’s Jesus talking. I don’t know about you, but I’ve read the last book of the bible - I know the ending... I know that the victory belongs to Him.

So yeah, we will face hard times, that’s inevitable...but what sets us apart as followers of Jesus is how we respond in these hard times. Are we going to be like the rest of the world, or are you going to join me today in the safety of God’s arms?

All are welcome there.

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1 commentaire

“I’d never felt a love or a bond like that before” - what a great analogy Christy that can be used to describe our relationship with God - fit to bursting!

How we can describe our love for him, particularly at times like these when we simply feel his arms around us, squeezing us full of his warmth and protection - awesome👏

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